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How To Deal With Rejection When You Don't Get The Job

Recuperating From A Job Rejection

Searching for a job can be a difficult and frustrating process; it takes time and energy to find the right job fit and there's a good chance that you'll be turned down for a role you were excited about.

Glassdoor shared that on average, each corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes; competition is fierce!

A job rejection can feel personal but it doesn't have to throw you off of your game! Let's look at a few solutions to moving forward productively and with compassion for yourself.

Feel Your Feelings and Move On

It can be tempting to dwell on the disappointment of job rejection, but it's essential to let go of the negativity after the initial outpour of emotions.

The build-up of frustration won't assist you in the continuing search for a new role. Remember that if you made it as far as the interview stage, you're doing very well for yourself. Turn the negative into a positive!

Avoid harboring resentment towards the organization that rejected you; you might consider reapplying to the same role in the future, so don't burn any bridges with negative comments on social media or gossip within your industry.

Never Take It Personally

Never take a job rejection personally. Employers are under pressure when it comes down to making critical employment decisions and organizations are doing their best to make those selections.

It's most likely that the hiring manager chose someone who resonates more with the behavioral style of that particular role. Being aware of your behavioral style will give you an advantage while searching for your next position.

Ask For Feedback And Use It!

Getting declined for an opportunity can be frustrating when you're unaware of why you were turned down. This is an opportunity to ask for constructive feedback.

Reach out by calling or emailing to find out the specifics of their decision. There could be a valid reason as to why you weren't chosen which will eliminate any doubts you may have.

If this feedback is related to a gap within your skillset, consider enrolling in a course focused on that subject. This will guide you in further applications when applying for other roles.

Focus On Your Abilities

Everyone has areas where they can improve, but it's important never to forget what you bring to the table! Concentrating on these can produce the energy and momentum needed to find the right role.

Always keep documentation of the strengths and essential contributions you have made within previous employment. This information will fortify your overall value as a candidate and help you bring tangible results to the interview process.

Increase Self-Awareness

A job search is a situation where others' perceptions of you become crucial. Self-awareness is a crucial element of emotional intelligence, so use this opportunity to review your actions during the interview process.

Go over your cover letter and resume, review how you answered interview questions, and make sure to fortify the ways you shared your experience.

Taking time to do this will help you gain clarity for future interviews and increase your self-awareness.

Sustain Momentum And Keep Moving Forward

During the job search, it can be tempting to halt the process altogether while waiting to hear back for a particular role, but it's crucial to keep your search in motion until you have accepted a role.

Boost your confidence and momentum by continuing to network with your professional contacts; having a solid connection and presence will benefit you in the long run.

Make Rejection Work For You

Maneuvering through rejection is never easy, but there is an opportunity to learn from your job search.

Give yourself time and room to feel your feelings, don't take rejection personally, review your actions in the interview process, ask for feedback, and keep moving forward.

All good things are worth the wait; focus on persistence and positivity and your dream job role might be right around the corner!

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Matthew Cugliari

Matthew Cugliari

Born and raised in Arizona (he is still unsettled by the scorching heat!), Matthew has a BA in Digital Culture from Arizona State University and was on the Dean’s list during his graduating semester. He is driven to support and help others while upholding the best customer service possible — this value keeps him motivated and drives his work.